Wear whatever is comfortable. Swimsuit, quick dry clothing, towel, change of clothes, sunscreen, water shoes, tennis shoes or sandals with ankle straps. No flip flops. 

*For the ADR Adventure Park tour, shoes with good traction are recommended. 

Yes, for our whitewater rafting tours and our ADR Adventure Park tour, there will be a photographer taking pictures throughout the day. Pictures are available for purchase after the tour, and are sent via Dropbox. 

The price of the pictures depends on the number of people in your group, and which tour you are on. 

There is not a photographer on either the ocean kayak or the mangrove kayak tour. For these trips, we recommend that you bring your own waterproof camera to take pictures. There will be a dry bag, in the kayaks as well.

No, we do not have lockers at our office. On each of the tours, there will be a designated dry bag, where you can keep all valuables (phones, wallets, cameras etc). It is recommended that you put these in a separate ziplock bag, before placing it in the dry bag, as this is where all of the guests belongings will go. The dry bag, will be with you throughout the tour. 

Should you choose to keep an item in a personal dry bag, then Amigos Del Rio is not responsible for any lost items. 

Bags with change of clothes, towels, etc, can be left in the vans. 

Yes, you can bring a GoPro or waterproof camera on any of our tours. We have helmet mounts available, just ask!